Traveler Com Group work for 5.17-7.31 (excludes brew pass app)



2019-05-17 1 hour
Look into Bookeo for pounce Savannah
Not counting 0 child, 0 free correctly. Resolved.
Modify manage panel to be able to adjust tour sched. date and time for premium, date and time for standard visits

2019-05-29 1 hour
make chas speedboats only show 3 and 5 oclock tours on sat/sun

2019-05-30 1 hour
Install wordpress for
create cpanel, database, ftp
assign static IP
record and send credentials to keith

2019-05-31 – no charge
investigate 3rd party passes not booking featured tours

2019-06-04 – no charge
fix 3rd party passes issue
change homepage how to video
investigate blank visits – apply fix for deep water

2019-06-04 – 1 hour
home page styling changes

2019-06-05 – 1 hour
investigate duplicate checkin for boone hall via in-app checkin
select visitCustGUID, c1.firstName, c1.lastName, visitDate, bookedBy, v1.vendorName, visitVendGUID, count(*) from tp_visits
left join tp_customers c1 on (tp_visits.visitCustGUID = c1.customerGUID)
left join tp_vendors v1 on (tp_visits.visitVendGUID = v1.vendorID)
group by visitCustGUID, visitVendGUID having count(*) > 1 order by visitDate desc
yields 40 results, mostly with a count of 2
Not sure it’s a problem. Either was for a pass with 2+ adults, and checked in singly, or occurred within 10 seconds. Only occurs with in-app checkin.

2019-06-12 – 1 hour
Create limitations on speedboats bookings
for single pass, require a name to be sent for an accompanying pass
add additional booking text

2019-06-14 – 1 hour
create limitations on speedboats bookings
for multi pass, require even number
don’t allow more than one child per adult
add additional booking text

2019-06-20 – no charge
Investigate Greyline booking did not show name in API

2019-06-25 – .5 hours
resolved site showing “experiencing technical difficulties” – hide message

2019-07-10 – 2.5 hours
Allow checkin for up to 50 adults and 50 child in app and in vendor portal

2019-07-22 – no charge
modify pass activation confirm/deny message to be more intuitive

2019-07-26 – 2.5 hours
Mitigate Traveler website DDOS attack
Resolve PHP issues

2019-07-30 – no charge
Traveler site experienced another DDOS attack

2019-07-31 – 1.5 hours
Investigate duplication of Traveler website on
Create .htaccess rule to redirect to