Tour Pass – Work from 2019 feb 18 – mar 8



2019-02-18 30 minutes
activate flyout menu
footer, header

2019-02-19 5 hours
build table tp_menu
create menu item for “menu options”
build page for managing flyout menu
update fontawesome scripts (app, manage, vendor)
add import script for custom menu items to flyout

2019-02-20 2 hours
build page for displaying custom menu item content
*parses WordPress page to get content inside the <main> element tag
*all <a> anchor elements are disabled

2019-02-28 3 hours
build new custom shop page for pass prices
works on 3rd and 4th add ons in each day category to provide discounted price

2019-03-04 1 hour
css tweaks
create redirect to pass product page

2019-03-05 1 hour
add option to flyout for openining in new tab
handle this option in-app in header.php
modify menu page in manage console
add column to database table for new tab option

2019-03-06 no charge
modify destinations plugin to record 2nd rates for fareharbormulti (palmetto)
modify vendor import script to bring in 2nd rates
modify app to record which API was used
modify pdf export table to properly calculate tours with 2nd rates
copy changes to savannah tour pass

2019-03-07 2.5 hours
css changes make custom shop responsive
css changes to product page
make plugin for post type “conveniences” (parking and restrooms)
create new table in app database
create management page and import script
copy from STP to CTP

2019-03-08 no charge
refactor code for numbers which are already in international format
investigate fareharbor api not sending emails