Tour Pass work for 4.23-5.15



2019-04-17 – no charge
whitelist IP
Disable here maps scripts

2019-04-23 – .5 hours
Update tour confirmation messages

2019-05-03 – 1.5 hours
Make single button export for savannah and charleston markets

2019-05-07 – 1 hours
Check math for Gross Margin on sales table
Add pop-up for single customer view on sales table
change payout reports image
add new line for total adults and children
fix blank pages
order visit dates on payout by date, time ascending
ensure payout reports generating correctly based on records in the database

2019-05-08 – 6.5 hours
highlight datepicker in app email integration
Move viator to

2019-05-09 – 2.5 hours
update vendor confirmations for 6 Savannah walking tours
home table
set conditional to load new home table for test pass
update/replace all red (#e00000) with (#e93223)
did not replace red (#b70000)
make loop per day for both premium and standard tours
print results in app

2019-05-13 – 1.5 hours
fix Get Your Guide not properly creating pass for Savannah
work on vendor.tourpass checkin for featured vendors (not boone hall)

2019-05-14 – 3.5 hours
Complete vendor.tourpass checkin for featured vendors (not boone hall)

2019-05-15 – 3 hours
Finish new homescreen