Tour Pass work for 3.15-4.9 including setup



2019-03-15 – 30 minutes
reinstall ssl cert

2019-03-15 – 1 hour
add ashley/cooper and speedboat confirmation email data

2019-03-20 – 30 minutes
install child theme

2019-03-21 – 1 hour
move images from savannahtourpass to tourpass

2019-03-22 – 2.5 hours
copy custom plugins (attractions, discounts, coupons) to tourpass
add fields to choose market & state
add conditional statement to only record custom meta values for plugin post type

2019-03-25 – 1 hour
modify attractions shortcode for various markets and categories

2019-03-26 – no charge
migrate various woocommerce plugins to

2019-03-28 – 30 minutes
modify attractions shortcode to display hard cropped images

2019-04-01 – 2 hours
added toggle buttons to product pages
copy database for
modify vendor and customer tables to accommodate pass market

2019-04-02 – 1.5 hours
update all links in manage
modify to show market for passes and vendors
import existing customers from charlestontourpass to tourpass

2019-04-03 – 4.5 hours
modify pass creation script to create pass
modify app to work with pass based on city
– featured, standard, free, discount, map only show info for relevant city
– menu options can choose to only show in a given city
add Gmail MX records
set up website to use Gmail SMTP for all emails

2019-04-04 – 3 hours
Perform app testing, for API’s and standard tours
Discovered two API’s that aren’t working Plantation Carriage and Pounce
modify non-api checkin for featured tours to only allow one booking

2019-04-05 – 3.5 hours
Rework attractions shortcode to not conflict with theme page builder
make work with passes bought from
change image and background color in emails

2019-04-07 – no charge
minor css changes to product page
reset keys on to fix checkout

2019-04-08 – 3.5 hours
modify template to single attraction pages
add parking and restrooms map to app