Tour Pass – Work from 2019 Jan. 30 – Feb 14



2019-01-30 3 hours
Add Fare harbor Multi as API type, with two additional fields
add conditional query to import statement to only add fields if exist
add rows to app DB table
set up fare harbor multi (copy fare harbor) in app
add additional call for fareharbor2
modify featuredDate and featuredDateSubmit for fareharbormulti

2019-02-09 – 30 minutes
create archive of files
add new dedicated IP to server
reboot server
verify reboot successful

2019-02-10 – 2 hours
create new cPanel account for Savannah
move archive to new cPanel
create new DBs (2) and tables
extract copy and add copy from ctp to stp database
repoint nameservers
create ftp account
update wpconfig.php and wp_options tables
install SSL
Delete all old orders, discounts, destinations
update website files
bridge (on checkout, make pass)
circuit (maps shortcode)

2019-02-11 30 minutes
set up email account

2019-02-13 – 4 hours
Create child theme for website, including copying necessary files
update app, manage, vendor and authorize subdomains
find/replace charleston to savannah in all files
change database connection
create test orders
troubleshoot cart checkout page not working
update in-app map for Savannah
import test data

2019-02-14 – 1 hour
troubleshoot images on discounts
test vendor portal, in-app checkin, manage and app