Charleston Tour Pass – Migration to WP Engine



2018-08-16 3.5 hours
Research migration to WP-Engine (allowability of remote MySQL connection to database)
Upload site files and database
Work to establish remote connection to WP-Engine

  • Contact WP-Engine support
  • Confirm access is allowed
  • Get app server IP added to whitelist
  • Need to use SSL

2018-09-19 4 hours
Continue work to establish secure remote database connection to WP-Engine

  • Tried various SSL certificates
  • Contact WP Engine support
  • Confirmed SSL certificate of authority must come from WP engine
  • WP Engine will not issue client certificate / client key
  • Confirmed SSL database connection works with command line, but not with
  • our application
  • Abandon remote SSL database connection approach
  • New approach: Export necessary vendor data to CSV and import into App database

2018-09-20 2.5 hours
Create script to export vendors from WordPress into CSV
Import csv into test table
Use test table for app conditionally by IP (mine) to verify data
Create script to import vendors CSV into app database

2018-09-28 3.5 hours
Get vendor export script to work on WP-engine
Create WordPress cron job (once per minute) to run export
Cron does not reliably run every minute – every 1-3 minutes
Modify import script to update database to correct discrepencies
Verify working

2018-10-02 2 hours
Final DB extract and import
final test of checkout and app creation
DNS redirect (A record)
update database settings
Verify/fix vendor imports
Configure SSL