Charleston Tour Pass – functionality upgrades



2018-10-18 1 hour
Rework how calendar shows (x’s for invalid days) once all days are claimed
configure text message to send when all days of the pass are claimed (doesn’t send on one day pass)
Fix url for logo in customer emails

2018-11-06 – 2 hours
Copy site to staging
Update the following plugins
Contact form 7
Custom Product Tabs for Woo
Paypal for WC
WC Sequential Order Numbers
Order failed – check db credentials for staging
decision made to upgrade live site after 10:30pm
set backup point “woocommerce upgrade”
update the above plugins
test transaction for cc processing
test transaction for pass creation

2018-11-07 2.5 hours
create cron to remove viator emails older than 30 days
eliminate automatic expiration set in viator import script
allow import of last name for certain Viator vendors
Search customers by 6 digit pass ID
add daily hours for featured and standard tabs in the app
Twilio – forward calls to sms number to Tourpass Hotline

2018-11-08 .5 hours
update existing customers to support# featured tours independent of days

2018-11-12 .5 hours
Change google maps plugin to conditionally load google maps api library only on one page

2018-11-13 1 hour
change pass creation scripts (website/viatour) to record # featured tours independent of pass type
extend functionality in management console to change # of featured tours independent of pass type

2018-11-14 1.5 hours
Make changes in app and vendor portal to support use of featured tours independent of pass type