Charleston Tour Pass – Final Migration to Liquid Web



2018-11-29 – 30 minutes
Make maximum number of attendees 20 adults, 20 children in response to purchase for 33 passes
(In doing this work, we discovered a bug which took an hour or so to fix, but was covered under previous work)

2018-11-28 ~ not billed
Contact LW sales to determine if LW Woredpress Dedicated hosting will meet requirements
– It will not.

2018-11-29 ~ not billed
Contact LW sales to determine if LW Cloud VPS server will meet requirements
– It will.

2018-11-30 ~ not billed
set up subdomain for site on my LW server
Conduct speed test analysis to determine if speed is acceptable
with LW hosting
Send report to Keith
Add header to top of featured page “Choose from the featured tours below”

2018-12-6 – 5 hours
Copy files and database from WP-Engine to LW
Store backup on Nebula Technologies server
Contact support to add static IP
Troubleshoot log-in issue

2018-12-07 – 1 hour
Solve log-in issue for WordPress
* Because the site has PCI Compliance, non-ssl cookies are disabled.
* Adding SSL fixes the problem

2018-12-08 ~ not billed
Minor tuning of new server
Final import of database
Point A record for primary domain to new server

2018-12-09 ~ not billed
Let Keith know migration was successful!

2018-12-10 – 1.5 hours
Copy/modify viator automation scripts and set cron jobs
Contact support about email not working

2018-12-11 – 2 hours
Finish Viator integration
Change # of tours for Viator to be inline with website offering
Modify FareHarbor to show “no available tours” when no response returned
Modify FareHarbor to show list rather than dropdown
Update DNS records at Cloudflare
Verify DNS propogation successful