Brew Pass App 2019 October



2019-10-01 <–> 2019-10-19 24.5 hours
TOURPASS – change home layout for multi day pass – remove exp date & center act date
Start creating app in iOS App Store Connect
Management console:
– Improve/Rewrite import script
– css for responsive elements in manage console
– add editable fields for vendor code and hours of operation
– ensure duplicate checkin numbers can’t be created
– API endpoint for events
– My Account Page Changes & Updates
– IOS App Implementation for publishing to App Store – 15 hours
– CodePush OTA implementation and Updates-5.5 hours
– Map zoom level/Design Changes – 1.5 hour
– Activity Screen Design Changes- 1 hour

2019-10-20 <–> 2019-10-31 52.5 hours
submit app to iOS App Store
submit app to Google Play
Management console:
– delete redemptions
– change hours entry code and add cheat sheet
– Integrate untappd data
– Photos w Comments/Photo Wall and Slideshow/API’s
– Brewery Detail Design Updates/Untapped data Inclusion
– How it works Implementation and Design Updates
– Original Redeem Logic changes and implementation
– News/Events Page Design Changes/Removal
– Home Screen Design Changes