Bobcat Ops trade eval modifications & machine IQ data import



2019-07-22 – no charge
replace/update all emails to

2019-07-26 – 5 hours
Switch order of operation on Trade-Eval App
to upload/accept photos before completing the eval form
(if problem accepting the photos, time not lost on the form)

2019-07-31 – 3.5 hours
Alter database to contain parts and revenue for both service and addons (4 new columns)
Alter Machine Service Alerts page to allow for input of parts and labor

2019-08-01 – 3 hours
Work on data import

2019-08-06 – 2.5 hours
Update June Acme data
Update July Acme data

2019-08-07 – 2.5 hours
Update June Customer data
Update July Customer data