Bobcat Ops – Trade Eval Form



Build online replacement for Bobcat Ops Trade Evaluation Form

This project consists of the following:

  • Web-based online form
    • Contains the fields from the existing paper form, along with other info
    • Multi-step form consists of these steps
      • basic form fields
      • review step
      • convert to PDF
      • attach images
      • send completed form & images via email
  • Image resize/compression
    • All uploaded images must be resized to a maximum of 640 pixels width/height
    • Attach images to email
  • PDF Conversion
    • Build pdf template to mimic existing paper form
    • Populate pdf with form data
    • dynamically name form
    • attach form to email
  • Create new subdomain “” and resolve to appropriate directory

The online form will be hosted on Nebula Technologies’s server, along with the existing Rental Vision application.  No additional hosting fees will apply.

Total cost for this project:  $2000.00

Deposit Already Paid: $1000