Bobcat Machine IQ Text/Email contact with Do Not Contact functionality



2019-08-27 – 7.5 hours
email and text functionality
create form in “details” view
create ADMIN settings page for email/text
create table to store email/text settings
create script to send emails/text and log it

2019-08-28 – 2 hours
continue work on email/text script

2019-08-28 – 1 hour
Add branch store number and phone number to template

2019-09-02 – 2 hour
Configure Twilio for text and call backs
(what happens when user replies to auto text)
Build cease contact function
form modification
database table – add columns
extend logic to check for deny

2019-09-03 – 1 hour
Finish cease contact function
write action script to change status
format for appearance
test and confirm functionality