2024-01 CAS



2023-12-22 1 hour
Create DKIM record for Blackbaud needs

2024-01-13 1 hour
Troubleshoot events form submit button doesn’t reappear if there are errors
-fixed by setting callback to check for errors

2024-01-19 – NO CHARGE
Reply to Danielle’s RFI email re: event form

2024-01-20 1 hour
Investigate websites down
-verify server-wide issue
-contact Liquidweb –data center issue under resolution

2024-01-26 2 hour

Investigate where to override event calendar templates
to add link for event form to event page
update event form response message

2024-01-28 1 hour
Update event calendar template to contain
link to 3rd party event form (month week day views)