2023-12 CAS



2023-09-13 2 hours
investigate video and donation form dissapearance on homepage
fix and test
form forwards but no longer prepopulates due to forms changed
in February 2023

2023-10-18 NO CHARGE
update permalink settings on carolinatails.org

2023-10-19 1 hour
Update nokillsouthcarolina.org to PHP 8.1:
-update plugins
-update themes (except active premium theme, expired)
-disable date time widget plugin (not compatible)
-modify Avada theme:
–includes/avadaredux/avadaredux-framework/avadareduxcore/inc/class.avadaredux_filesystem.php line 29
— conditional statement if(isset($this->parent)){ to prevent null error
–includes/class-avada-layout.php line 504
— add (int) before summed variables to prevent non numeric value error
–/plugins/fusion-core/shortcodes/class-content-boxes.php line 691
–comment out line

2023-10-20 2 hours
Work on PickMeSC to make PHP 8.1 compatible
Theme is outdated. Too many code revisions
to make compatible. Recommend update theme
or redesign site with modern theme.

2023-10-25 NO CHARGE
Call with Will to catch up on projects

2023-10-27 NO CHARGE
Investigate form for submitting
calendar events

2023-11-02 2 hours
Make events form on Nebula website for testing

2023-11-04 2 hours
Work on creating event programatically for Events Calendar plugin

2023-11-05 1 hour
create submission form for CAS events

2023-11-06 3 hours
work on code to grab form field data to send to calendar integration

2023-11-09 1 hour
Look at form double-submitting – hide submit button after form validation
Email will about connecting form fields to events

2023-11-14 1 hour
Update permalink structure to fix calendar event URL’s
Add caching exception rule to cloudflare

2023-12-05 2 hours
Copy form and plugin from test site to live site
Update form
Update plugin

2023-12-12 1 hour
Update form page with copy from Danielle