2023-11 Tour Pass



2023-10-05 .5 hour
resolve QR not showing for vendor checkin Ventrata:
Add octo permissions to header

2023-10-09 1 hour
resolve Ghost and Gravestones not showing in aggregator
-Add octo permissions to header and get individual adult ID

2023-10-27 NO CHARGE
investigate tours not showing in aggregator
*tour was not published

2023-11-07 1 hour
update manage console to allow for date purchased change

2023-11-10 1.5 hours
Investigate payout report for trolly:
*if no 2 day visits during the period, 2 day payout duplicates 1 day
*Edit code to handle exception for no 2 day trolley visits
Investigate initial app landing page:
*programatically show 6 digit code