2023-08 CAS



2023-08-04 – 3 hours
Upgrade PHP version of main site:
*copy live site to staging
*test PHP 8.1 — fail
upgrade wordpress to 6.2.2
upgrade site plugins
upgrade WooCommerce database
upgrade event calendar
test PHP 8.1 — fail
disabled plugins (Wordfence, WP Video Lightbox)
disable all plugins
test PHP 8.1 — fail
switch to 2023 theme
test PHP 8.1 — success
*need to purchase update for enfold theme

2023-08-06 1 hour
create redirection page for secondchanceresale.org

2023-08-07 1 hour
continue update staging site
Contact Will about updating theme
enable all plugins – fail
switch back to PHP 7.4
change PHP.ini settings for 8.1
disable all plugins, enable 1 by 1
all working

2023-08-22 3 hours
help configure Google Search Console
delete “google-site-verification=pYep_qTdRUFnnJZvXnoRnpaJgpchCIAuiZGTElU9oSs”
move nameservers from Sucuri to Liquidweb
and copy DNS records

2023-08-23 2 hours
move DNS from LiquidWeb to Cloudflare for caching and speed
remove malware

2023-08-24 2 hours
set up new staging site
work on theme to make php8 compatible