2023-07 Tour Pass



2023-07-05 3.5 hours
Work on Trolley Payout using dynamic pricing
revert to static pricing after comparison
Resolve landing page URL error for Google TTD

2023-07-15 .5 hour
manually add addresses for 3 new boat tours

2023-07-21 .5 hour
fix API for get your guide orders

2023-07-23 NO CHARGE
work on select pass upgrade
determine that I need Keith’s help
to set up a page listing available tours
so he can control the layout and view

2023-07-24 NO CHARGE
update URL’s in TTD generator for Max Pass sav and st aug

2023-07-26 3 hours
upgrades for select pass

2023-07-27 2 hours
work on integrating select pass for checkout

2023-07-31 2 hours
finish integration of checkout. Test and make live