2023-07 CAS



2023-06-08 – Last invoice sent

2023-06-27 1 hour
integrate Pet Finder to Pick Me SC site

2023-06-28 1 hour
call with Dan K to get Google Maps API billing configured

2023-06-29 1 hour
format leaderboard
change event date

2023-07-10 2 hours
Pick Me SC website:
change dates
add videos
change map layout

2023-07-18 NO CHARGE
investigate adoptions page down
due to API not available
not controllable on CAS side

2023-07-20 1 hour
fix SSL error for No Kill site

2023-07-26 1 hour
Fix links on Teamraiser site for end cruelty

2023-08-01 1 hour
Fix search functionality on Teamraiser site end cruelty