2023-06 Tour Pass



2023-06-06 NO CHARGE
implement error recording script for Ventrata checkins

2023-06-07 NO CHARGE
look for QR code error for Savannah Trolley

2023-06-08 NO CHARGE
Correct error logging script
add step to record success responses but not send email

2023-06-09 .5 hour
Update manage console to show pass selections for Select Pass
Also provide link to both legacy web and native pass links

2023-06-15 2 hours
-Call with Old Town Trolley (sort QR issue, St. Aug advance reserve, dynamic pricing)
-Implement extended timeout on Ventrata

2023-06-16 2 hours
Configure St. Aug trolley for advanced reservations, test, make live
Contact Rod with Old Town RE: dynamic pricing doesn’t look like the right price

2023-06-19 1 hour
Contact Liquid Web RE: PHP upgrade
-LW support added PHP 8.0, 8.1, 8.2
Configure INI options similar to 7.4 (memory limits, etc)

2023-06-21 1 hour
Work on PHP8.0 on staging site
found some coding issues to resolve in my plugins and code
add check if(isset($array[key])){$variable = $array[key]}else{$variable=””;}

2023-06-23 .5 hour
work on PHP8.0 issues on staging site
Keith to discontinue use of elementor addon for loops

2023-06-25 1 hour
upgrade tourpass.com to php8.0

2023-06-27 4 hours
resolve php8 related errors for aggregator
investigate Ventrata booking issues, contact ventrata
received response, now must use adult and child UUID’s
add step to get adult/child UUID’s and implement fix
in web and native code bases. Test. Fix and test again. Works!

2023-06-28 NO CHARGE
resolve trolley booking issue – vendor needs marked as “ventrata” instead of “none”
to schedule checkins. Perform manual override for both hop trolleys, both ghost trolleys

2023-06-29 1.5 hours
Rework vendor check-in button to always show
and perform check on AJAX loaded page