2023-04 Tour Pass



2023-03-11 .5 hour
Investigate no QR code shown
-booking API error
-manually cancel and rebook

2023-03-13 3 hours
google TTD
-investigate error on no-admission related PlaceID’s
–serialization error – update update about 8 posts
-filter products to exclude non-select-a-pass eligible
-get a unique array of all placeID’s, including
related, and related no admit to add to max pass listing
-config Max Pass
-upload new file including max pass
-error on “categories

2023-03-14 1 hour
Google TTD
-resolve categories error for Max Pass
-resovlve naming conflict
-email TTD support team for next steps

2023-03-22 3.5 hours
investigate extra featured tour creation
-discover anomoly where missing chid passes
allow an extra tour
-fix for vendor checkin button
-fix for featured booking process
-fix for vendor portal

2023-03-27 2.5 hours
Work on in-pass upgrade
-create conditional link for test pass to go to website
-create website plugin
-get current pass details

2023-03-31 1 hour
extract current pricing for upgrades

2023-04-03 1 hour
Fix tour duration in aggregator

2023-04-04 2.5 hours
Work on TTD automatic uploads

2023-04-12 .5 hours
add 7 decimal places to “cents” aka “nanos” category
for tour pricing and resubmit to Google TTD Team
Email TTD Team

2023-04-14 1 hour
Allow multiple trolley bookings for St. Augustine

2023-04-20 3 hours
attempt SFTP connection to TTD per TTD Support instructions

2023-04-21 3 hours
complete SFTP connection and file transfer via command line
create cron job daily @ 3:30pm (nebula server)
test and confirm

2023-04-24 1 hour
complete sftp connection on tourpass server
-write cron job to automate feed creation (in JSON)
-open outbound port 19321 TCP/UDP in firewall
-write cron job to automate command line sftp upload
-test and confirm!

2023-04-27 1 hour
pass upgrade – add fields and submin

2023-04-28 3.5 hours

create product