2023-04 CAS



2023-03-06 1 hour
minor CSS changes to mobile styles
-adjust max-width for footer image and video iframe

2023-03-08 NO CHARGE
Fix festival activities page (paws.cas):
-add class nebRtAlign to 3 images
-add conditional CSS for 100% width at 550px

2023-03-15 1 hour
Update home page image and Facebook share image

2023-03-28 2 hours
Update paws.charlestonanimalsociety.org
page navigation
replace sponsor image

2023-04-04 1 hour
replace sponsor image
investigate beach bag and blanket milestone image
-attempt to rectify by replacing image with proper image of same name: seatshirt.png
-page caching is preventing update
-contact Will Hull to see if there is a way to clear the page cache