2023-02 CAS



2022-12-19 1 hour
Investigate site down
-determined Sucuri blacklist
-whitelist IP address
-whitelist /donate page
-allow additional HTTP methods
-report to Will
-problem resolved

2023-01-18 2 hours
– Blackbaud training on Luminate Online, follow up with Will

2023-01-23 1 hour
Configure SFTP
attempt configure VS Code IDE – failed due to permissions
attempt login to Luminate -not an administrator – contacted Will

2023-01-24 1 hour
remove two menu items; Couch to 5K and Step Up For Shelters

2023-01-26 1 hour
Work on updating navigation
Update DNS records to see live site changes

2023-02-07 1 hour
update URL’s to have dynamic coding for current project

2023-02-22 1 hour
Fix secondchanceresale site to show homepage

2023-02-23 1 hour
call with Will and Will RE: Teamraiser

2023-02-24 – NO CHARGE
investigate web-related charges on
Sean’s old BOA card
Inform on what I know

2023-02-27 3 hours
apply changes as listed in Google Doc
to TeamRaiser Paws site

2023-03-03 4 hours
work on revisions to home page
fix navigation on soft donation page
change image settings for FB open graph metatags