2023-01 Tour Pass



2022-12-05 1 hour
Work on Google TTD api

2022-12-08 1.5 hours
Fix Select Pass getting wrong ID’s
Fix Select Pass rounding/not charging cents
Fix Select Pass not showing chosen tours/attractions

2022-12-16 .5 hour
Fix Red Boat Tours St Aug changed nomenclature for tours.
-identify new nomenclature
-edit scripts.php line 1175:
var kidsCat = $(‘input[name=tsTime]:checked’).data(‘kids’);
line 1231:
parseInt(adultsCat) +
parseInt(kidsCat) +
line 1280:
kidsCat: kidsCat,
bookingTable3.php line 37
$kidsCat = $_POST[‘kidsCat’];
fareharborBook line 63
// new Nights of Lights 2022-12-16
if ( strlen($kidsCat) >= 3 ) {
$childCat = $kidsCat;
Do all changes in app2 codebase

2023-01-17 1.5 hours
work on manage console
* add selected tours to customer page for select pass
investigate google Things to Do documentation
create public/private keys for dev and production environments

2023-01-20 1 hour
Work on extracting code from React for iOS and Android BrewHopPass

2023-01-23 2.5 hours
establish FTP connection for Google TTD
get login for Google TTD dashboard
write preliminary script to create JSON data for test upload

2023-01-24 3 hours
change formatting for JSON as manual file
submit support request RE images

2023-01-25 2 hours
work on TTD feed issues
discuss with Keith about getting Google related POI ID’s for each featured/standard offering
contact Google Support RE: Operator booking Module

2023-01-26 1 hour
Work on restoring React Native iOS app for BrewHopPass

2023-01-27 1 hour
Work on TTD feed issues
– formatting for Operator Module
– host image from different domain
– get list of all Charleston featured/standard/free TTD POI ID’s
and send to Keith