2022-11 Tour Pass



2022-11-01 .5 hour
modify reporting to show date purchased in manage portal

2022-11-02 2.5 hours
prepare select hometable
edit js to include variable (32 times-ish)
tcpPassType: ‘<?php echo $passType; ?>’,
edit hometable
create homeTableSelect.php

2022-11-03 1 hour
Complete conditional logic for the selections list on the home page
edit appstyle.2021.php

2022-11-04 2.5 hours
edit scripts.php
-add navigation from selections list
-ammend goBack function
modify footer.php

2022-11-08 1 hour
modify activation script to allow 30/15 days for select pass

2022-11-10 1 hour
modify header.php
-calc when to show vendor checkin
allow for 15 days for select pass

2022-11-11 2.5 hours
Vendor checkin portal
modify checkinVendorConf.php, checkinSubmit, checkin.php
-allow for distinguishing between max and select
comment out go back scripts and add in to scripts.php

2022-11-14 3 hours
swap out home image – no good
edit mapTable.php
-allow for select pass
-fix water taxi
– change logo in web app and native app
– add media breakpoints via CSS

2022-11-15 2.5 hours
format home screen

2022-11-16 2.5 hours
add green checkmark to visited attractions
swap home picture
make image and text clickable in selections list
reformat text size and color
work on change activation date logic
to not allow activation that violates 30 day window

2022-11-21 2 hours
Finish pass change activation logic
begin transfer code to app2 (native) codebase

2022-11-23 3 hours
more transfer code to app2 codebase
fix vendor checkin logic
fix map showing water taxi when should not
modify checkinSubmit.php
Finish native app codebase
begin import of code from staging site

2022-11-28 2 hours
finish import of code from staging site
edit manage portal new profitability by pass report
-distinguish between pass types
-fix calculation of number of passes