2022-10 Tour Pass



2022-09-28 1 hour
update visits page in management console
to allow searching for tours scheduled in the future

2022-10-03 2 hours
Deploy new staging site
create new plugin “Tour Pass Select A Pass”
add shortcode [selectpass] to select a pass page
modify elementor template “select a pass TEST”
write javascript to get pricing for all checked tours

2022-10-12 2 hours
investigate qr code not showing
– one case caused by booking on native app – fixed
– one case caused by API error – manually create new QR
Work on select-a-pass
-added spans for replacement values

2022-10-13 1.5 hours
Work on select-a-pass
– Add functionality to calculate pricing

2022-10-17 1 hour
Work on select-a-pass
– write program to add select-a-pass to cart

2022-10-18 1.5 hours
Work on select-a-pass
– modify form to have no actions/hide submit messaging
– write javascript to hijack form elements
– pass variables to select-a-pass add-to-cart

2022-10-25 4 hours
write functions to add to cart with custom info
display custom info on checkout page
dynamically change price
add checkout CSS

2022-10-26 2 hours
modify “thankyou.php” and “bridge.php”
work on pass creation and bringing pass data to database

2022-10-27 2 hours
complete integration of terms into app
display on checkout