2022-07 Tour Pass



2022-05-18 1 hour
fix aggregator showing wrong addresses

2022-05-26 3 hours
Install Android Studio on macbook
begin basic webview app
work on javascript permissions

2022-06-03 2 hours
Hide kayak tours before 1pm
Investigate pass b44740c0-dd37-11ec-b9ba-616263646566
for double booking – booking wasn’t cancelled, likely due to fareHarbor error or cancellation window.
Create new table for uncancelled visits
Set hard 12 hour minimum window for fareHarbor cancellations

2022-06-10 – 1.5 hour
Write script to determine scope of overbooking offenders Send spreadsheet to Keith

2022-06-13 2 hours
Modify booking process for rescheduled bookings
– add error message if cancellation fails
– make cancellation happen before rebooking
– make cancellation mandatory before rebooking (instead of after)
– modify script to only include FareHarbor httpful.phar library once
– test and verify bookings were cancelled
– CANNOT test intermittent fail case. WIll continue to monitor report script:

2022-06-21 1 hour
change kayak tour code for TourPass specific code and test

2022-06-22 2 hours
Work on Sav. hop on/off trolley multiday
– conditionally send to new file/page before date picker
– if 1 day pass, send through normal route
– implement Ventrata booking workarounds because api set as none

2022-06-23 3 hours
Continue work on Sav hop on/off multiday
– check API configuration for 2 day
– create options for 2 cons. day and 1 day
– test

2022-06-27 1 hour
finish Sav hop on/off on app2 site
– test was successful.
– Will implement on 2022-06-28 late at night

2022-06-29 2 hours
implement Sav hop on/off on live app

2022-06-30 2 hour
add error message if someone tries to cancel Ventrata 2 day trolley after day 1
begin pass switcher
– build my account menu
– move language switcher

2022-07-01 4 hours
Work on “My Account” menu
– ad JS to make navigation work
– begin to create account switcher page

2022-07-05 2.5 hours
disable manual checkin for trolley if already booked. Show QR code.

2022-07-06 3.5 hours
make payout report (single payout only) calculate correctly
for Sav. Trolly 1 day / 2 day reports
Continue work on app switcher

2022-07-13 3 hours
Complete app switcher, to use 6 digit pass ID

2022-07-14 3.5 hours
revise top menu
revise send pass to friend
make pass switcher disassociate old device
modify language switcher with tap to toggle

2022-07-15 2 hours
Solve unique device ID for Android
– Android/Google best practice is not to use device ID
– create unique ID on first run, store it, send to app

2022-07-21 1.5 hours
Tie up loose ends on app
– handle external links (call, email, text, support page)

2022-07-22 no charge 
create listeners for data connectivity

2022-07-25 – 2 hours
Add correct steps to get locations permissions for Javascript
extend connectivity monitor

2022-07-27 – 3 hours
Solve refresh for disconnected internet issue
Finalize app functionality
Test on multiple Android devices

2022-07-28 3.5 hours
Follow Android guidelines to publish app
-export app bundle
-create image assets
-add descriptions/policies
-fill out compliance forms
-submit for review