2022-05-20 AAPP



2022-04-26 – 1 hour
CSS changes to Petestal Podcast pages
create function to add category as class to all post pages
write jquery to duplicate podbeans iframe under heading on mobile view

2022-05-12 no charge
Planning call with Caroline 11am – 1pm

2022-05-12 4 hours
do manual export of all members, include address, status
revert admin console to get all active users, not with pet data
follow-up with Pinaki and team RE: getsaint.com
update color scheme in 3 WordPress pages
hide member portal nav on new member sign up
add wordpress menu on all member pages
finish updating color schemes

2022-05-13 4 hours
Resolve Caroline’s account not showing pets after accidental deactivation
–put in confirmation step for deactivate, downgrade and delete
–corrected status change function to properly reactivate users
–tested, working
Update affiliate payout / resolve wrong URL (Dior vs Dior20)
Fix deleting/deactivation admins in admin console
Begin investigating missing “hear about us” data fields

2022-05-18 6 hours
migrate AAPP website and member portal from GoDaddy to LiquidWeb
–Transfer is complete, just waiting on DNS update by Mary