2022-03 AAPP



2022-03-01 – 3 hours
copy podcast archive and single template and content
from staging site to live site
Set up AffiliateWP with Carolina on Zoom
Discuss promo codes
Work on getting affiliateWP cookie as promo

2022-03-03 3 hours
create integration between AffiliateWP
and member portal to log referral transactions

2022-03-04 1.5 hour
Call to discuss changes to podcast pages
and train on affiliates plugin
make changes to podcast pages
Create documentation for adding affiliates and send to Caroline

2022-03-07 – .5 hour
Update member portal to delete Kirk, Roger and Pranay from admin list
Investigate plugin ownership
Make sure coupon code switches to latest used coupon link:

2022-03-14 – 1 hour
Update homepage slider
Update page: https://myaapp.org/membership-benefits/
– add hyperlink to text “exclusive discounts” to trigger modal lightbox

2022-03-16 – .5 hour
Create page: https://myaapp.org/all-membership-benefits/
– duplicate content from modal lightbox on standalone page