2022-02 CAS



2021-11-08 1 hour
Update various DNS records
for SSL for Paws subdomain

2021-11-18 1 hour
Investigate file upload issue
Increase max upload size for files

2021-11-19 1 hour
Update various DNS records
for SSL for Chili subdomain

2021-12-07 1 hour
push dev site to live site

2021-12-28 2 hours
Meet with Alvin Yu (773.628.3298)
for DNS for paws.charlestonanimalsociety.org
Set up subdomain for paws.charlestonanimalsociety.org
to point to https://charlestonanimalsociety.org/paws
and redirect that to

2022-01-03 – 1 hour
Call with Blackbaud and subcontractor
regarding PAWS site and SSL

2022-01-04 – NO CHARGE
Investigate Teamraiser Open API
Notify Dan and Sean that API integration is an alternative
for Teamraiser events like PAWS

2022-01-15 – 2 hours
Investigate why CAS homepage is redirecting to events
Disable events plugin

2022-01-20 – NO CHARGE
Create redirect for page since redirect plugin was deactivated

2022-02-04 – 3 hours
To fix events calendar from hijacking homepage:
backup old events,
uninstall event calendar plugins
manually remove all related entries from the database
reinstall latest version of events calendar

2022-02-10 – 2 hours
Troubleshoot and correct events calendar showing start times as GMT

2022-02-21 – 2 hours
Investigate login issue
rolled back main theme to solve the issue
The issue reoccured the next day

2022-02-22 – 3 hours
Resolved login issue
Discovered malicious code
ran WordPress scan and full server diagnostic scan
Found and removed several malicious files

2022-02-23 – 3 hours
Meet with Dan and Will to discuss unused plugins
eliminated several plugins
replaced 301/302 redirect plugin
manually reenter all redirects from old plugin