2021-10 Bobcat



2021-07-01 – 3 hours
Finish fixing MIQ import script
Import missed MIQ events

2021-07-08 – 1 hour
Import new warranty leads

2021-07-13 – 3 hours
write app to log sms results
create database table
write callback script
resize logo

2021-07-23 – 3 hours
Modify MIQ import script to send emails for critical codes
Investigate critical alerts missing codes
For critical alert emails missing code, record fault listed in subject line

2021-08-15 – 2 hours
Modify GCA app to allow for storing
multiple emails and phone numbers for customers
Modify PM Leads to allow notification to
multiple emails and phone numbers
test and confirm working

2021-09-19 – 2 hours
Modify weekly reports to disclude 250 hour PM events
Fix weekly reports not listing all opportunities

2021-09-21 – NO CHARGE
Pull spreadsheet with all GCA customer data

2021-09-28 – 2 hours
Prepare MySQL user for remote connection for Heidi
Whitelist IP’s in server firewall and remote MySQL permissions settings

2021-10-05 – 2 hours
Troubleshoot remote connection issues
Write testing script (PHP) and run on two remote servers
Discovered masked IP preventing connection on 1 test server

2021-10-19 – 2 hour
Investigate issue: No new GCA PM leads
– no new emails coming in
– contacted Heidi Pope with info
– assist in determining affected timeframe
– Heidi added storage room to mailbox

2021-10-20 – NO CHARGE
Review first three serial numbers
in Darien’s missing import list