2021-06 Tourpass



2021-06-08 – 1.5 hours
research recent 502 error
install zabbix resource log tool
research load testing sites

2021-06-11 3.5 hours
set up server upgrade
Set up test pass for St Augustine
import vendors, check for errors in existing markets
resolve for 300×300 thumbnail not existing
Set up text to friend for pass

2021-06-14 4.5 hours
rework P&L reports – see notes

2021-06-15 – 2.5 hours
update all expiration dates to 9 days after activation
update travelerofcharleston to php7.4
complete profitability by pass report rework

2021-06-16 – 1.5 hours
revamp parking icons to be smaller
and have directions link

2021-07-01 2.5 hours
Investigate code on thank you page
modify Get Your Guide pass creation template
investigate share function in pass
investigate add to homescreen
paginate customer screen in manage console
Add customer service log to customer screen
fix logging change date for pass expiration date reset

2021-07-02 2 hours
Add conditional ability to change activation date
on pass if user hasn’t used any tours

2021-07-05 1.5 hours
investigate bicycle tours not showing in aggregator
tour was showing / day rental was not
day rental FareHarbor ID was changed
– report to Kieth to get new ID
Update customer details in manage to show deleted visits