2021-06 Bobcat



2021-03-01 – NO CHARGE
fix weekly reports delivery

2021-03-04 1 hour
Track down issues regarding wear items leads and performance reporting

2021-03-12 2 hours
write automatic process to disposition
SW leads older than 3 weeks

2021-04-09 – NO CHARGE
fix doosan alert creation script

2021-04-12 – 1 hour
generate formatted xls of critical alerts
for 2020-08 -> 2021-03

2021-05-18 – 3 hours
Import 3g data for comparison and contact
compare list to find missing serials
Update equipmentList table for 2,967 3g machines
Put notification in MIQ PM lead table for 3G machines

2021-05-19 – 2 hours
List branches of territory on rep edit screen
Add status EOL to PM events
Record EOl status for equipment
Show EOL status on equipment for new PM events
restore test serials:

2021-05-24 2.5 hours
create table to import warranty spreadsheet
import spreadsheet into table
write script to add new equipment and create leads
begin preparing table for GCA app

2021-05-25 4 hours
finish table layout for GCA warranty items
modify all rep tables to include “dateContacted” column
modify rep table creation script to include dateContacted column
write front end javascript to manage functionality
of warranty leads table
Submit to Billy for review

2021-05-26 2 hours
Fix search functionality for warranty leads
Add serial search to warranty leads
Order warranty leads by oldest end date

2021-06-09 UNRESOLVED
investigate orders not properly arranged by date

2021-06-11 2 hours
Work on leads list for 3G mass mailing/sms

2021-06-14 2 hours
complete preparation for 3g notification

2021-06-15 1.5 hours
send 3g notification in batches of 500
txt est. 1500
eml est 1200

2021-06-28 1 hours
Set up test SMS for Section 179 tax marketing
Investigate video embed/clickable image for SMS message

2021-06-30 – 4 hours
set warranty leads default view to pending only
Begin fixing MIQ import script
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