2021-04 Bobcat



2021-01-06 – 4 hours
write, test and execute import script
to import missing equipment and create
annual type PM events for equipment

2021-01-07 – 1 hour
investigate autoSSL renewal warning email
search inbound MIQ emails for Effingham branch and serials
Add Effingham location

2021-01-08 – 2 hours
Call with Billy for “wear items leads”
Create new tab and tables for wear items
create temp table for processing new leads programatically

2021-01-10 – 4 hours
write, test, execute script to assign leads to territory
based on rep code and update equipment hours/details

2021-01-11 – 2 hours
create table in MIQ to represent lead data
create action script to add notes

2021-01-12 – 2 hours
create action scripts for status change, revenue
and single item view
format single item view page

2021-01-18 – 1 hour
create action scripts to edit customer info

2021-01-25 – 3 hours
Work for Wear Items Leads:
fix random serials out of order (due to leading blank spaces)
add option to search by status
add sorting options; model, branch, customer

2021-02-02 4 hours
add custom fields for recipients of weekly opportunity list

2021-02-03 – NO CHARGE
fix user entry error for [delivery time] in template

2021-02-04 – 1 hour
Add 6 new branches for SW territory

2021-02-08 – 1 hour
modify weekly reports template so if no PM events,
email will explicitly state no opportunities available
Investigate no incoming critical alerts for Springfield

2021-02-11 -> 2021-02-12 – 5 hours
Investigate new leads not coming in from Bobcat Corporate
run comparison reports by branch

2021-02-16 3 hours
manually add missing PM events

2021-02-23 – 1 hour
make sure SW leads are visible to test user