2021-03 Tourpass



2020-12-14 .5 hour
Copy custom website code to all themes

2020-12-19 – NO CHARGE
Copy missing CSS code that wasn’t done on 12-14

2021-02-19 1.5 hour
configure SSH access for IDE
modify 4 test passes for testing purposes
create conditional statement to load new header/footer for test passes
save old header and footer as *_OLD_2021-02
Update fontawesome version
style footer to match example

2021-02-22 1 hour
style header to match example
save old home page file as *_OLD_2021-02
redirect passes to legacy version
50% complete homepage template

2021-02-24 1 hour
continue work on homepage
code animation sequence for day pass graphic

2021-02-26 1 hour
finish homepage

2021-03-01 1 hour
create scripts template for all scripts on new layout to reduce redundancy
code vendor checkin button to appear with exception
add notice on homepage
color graphic for inactive days

2021-03-04 1 hour
Add pass is active / not active message with dropdown for info
add adult and child quantities

2021-03-08 2 hours
fix activation button logic
work on templates for featured and standard attractions

2021-03-09 4 hours
Clean up / combine javascript functionality on home, featured, standard pages
format map page
fix menu item “more”
reformat activation page
remove activation status message for inactive passes

2021-03-10 2 hours
format attraction details page
code global navigation back button

2021-03-19 – 3 hours
start new booking process
complete bookeo booking process

2021-03-22 – 2 hours
complete new fareharbor booking code

2021-03-23 – 3.5 hours
complete fareharbormulti booking code
do app revisions per Keith feedback

2021-03-24 – 3 hours
minor tweaks
change conditional coding
set auto-refresh schema to allow
forcing page refresh on demand
make app live

2021-03-29 – 4 hours
Make final revisions to app
toggle on red bar
remove javascript alert
make booking confirmation screen

2021-03-30 – 2.5 hours
Ft Sumter and Spiritline
hardcode to allow multiple departure
modify email and text template

2021-03-31 – NO CHARGE
drop red checkin button

2021-040-01 – 1 hour
code custom pass values and
hide child,free for kayak tours