2020 Updates 4-2_8-14




TOTAL: $5,185.00
(61 hours @ $85/hour)

2020-04-02 – No Charge
Reply to Kay’s email re: orders ending up in junk. Recommended whitelist rule for Outlook

2020-04-10 – 1 hour
Remedy SSL error causing No Kill SC to be down

2020-04-24 – 1.5 hours
Resolve delivery issue for lost pets contact form

2020-04-30 – 1 hour
Remedy SSL error causing Carolina Tails site to be down

2020-05-05 – 1 hour
Remedy SSL error causing insecure browser warning for donations page

2020-05-14 – 3 hours
Add donate button to website header, including mobile styles

2020-05-26 – 2.5 hours
Investigate spam emails from lost pet form
added a “human test” to the form to prevent bot submissions

2020-05-27 – 4 hours
Investigate new Blackbaud forms not loading on website
Test on non-wordpress page
modify Blackbaud-provided code to delay loading form until page loads

2020-06-02 – No Charge
Find hurricane info page from old version of website for Dan
Resolve URL’s for 4 images

2020-06-03 – 1 hour
Meeting to go over website UX/UI recommendations

2020-06-11 – 1 hour
Meeting with Blackbaud to go over multi part donation form for homepage

2020-06-22 – 1 hour
Install plugins on test site for sitewide notice and lightbox

2020-06-22 –> 2020-07-08 – 18 hours
research Petpoint API documentation
Build test page for connecting to API
Build search tools for filtering pets by breed, sex, age
compile and format returned data
Build single adoptable pet view in lightbox
Create swipeable (mobile friendly) slideshow script for pictures
Implement scripts into a plugin for website deployment
test and resolve issues

2020-07-14 – .5 hours
Check DNS settings of CAS website for available subdomain shop.charlestonanimalsociety.org
Update CC info for GoDaddy

2020-07-20 – 4 hours
Enable custom CSS classes for theme template builder
write custom CSS for new sidebar page navigation
Add cloudflare caching service to website

2020-07-21 – No charge
swap home page with new home page

2020-07-28 –> 2020-07-31 – 15 hours
New homepage video background and donation form with forwarding
create off-site test page with test video
build form
write scripts to forward information to donate and guardian pages
test different video versions
incorporate code into site
Write CSS to format appropriately for website
make aesthetic revisions
test with completed donations

2020-08-05 – no charge
Investigate hiding header and footer for form pages
Show Dan the special trick

2020-08-10 – 6.5 hours
Create tool to convert new Blackbaud form code so that it works within WordPress
Build form page
Test and sanitize input code data
add/replace code as necessary
return new working code to form page

2020-08-12 – No charge
Update CC info for Liquidweb