2020-12 Tour Pass



2020-10-01 1.5 hours
Investigate payout reports for drayton hall

2020-10-12 1 hour
Make possible adding vendor confirmation email text for new vendors (create new entry in database)

2020-10-15 2 hours
begin building horizontal scroll of nearby attractions

2020-10-23 1 hour
Work on import of new custom fields
ultimately import corrupted data

2020-10-27 2.5 hours
Complete import of new custom fields
(cancellation, parking, booking notes)
complete horizontal scroll of nearby attractions

2020-10-30 1.5 hour
Begin framework for limited attractions pass
use “X Attraction Pass” instead of “X Day Pass” to differentiate
handle process for activation, including 30 day expiration
begin set up home screen

2020-11-05 1 hour
modify payout report to account for calendar and generate reports

2020-11-10 1 hour
reverse modification of payout report
fix issue where day listed was day booked, not day of tour

2020-11-11 – NO CHARGE – warranty
investigate/resolve cost calculations for profitability report

2020-12-01 – NO CHARGE
respond to request RE: takedown brewhoppass
— was decided to not take down yet