2020-12 GCA Work



2020-11-02 – 3.5 hours
Investigate no new PM events for Dariens territory
-Discovered issue due to DNS changes by Gateway IT
-Import emails which were no longer Base64 encrypted
-Discover there are many missing emails beginning in October
Investigate critical code emails not being sent to managers
-discovered emails sent as machineiq@rentals.acmeops.com wont deliver
-changed sending email to machineiq@bobcatops.com

2020-11-04 – 1.5 hour
Investigate incoming critical alerts
– some emails continue to come in with only base64 encoding
– create rule to decode just these emails
call with Billy
send Billy full export of equipment list

2020-12-16 – 3 hours
create script to generate annual PM alerts

2020-11-19 – 2 hours
Investigate issues with incoming emails from
acme territories

2020-11-20 – 3 hours
continue work on annual PM alerts

2020-12-03 – 2 hours
manually import missing PM from Acme emails from Oct/Nov

2020-12-04 – 2 hours
Make live the annual PM alerts
automate creation script

2020-12-07 – 2 hours
Modify branch change tool to allow changing to all branches
Assist updating DNS record for tradeeval.bobcatops.com

2020-12-10 – 1 hour
Correct issue where changing machine branches may default to Asheville

2020-12-16 – .5 hours
Investigate tradeeval error on image upload
consult server error log

2020-12-17 – 1 hours
Continue investigating tradeeval issue
diagnose file permission issue
update file permissions

2020-12-28 – 2 hours
import missing equipment:
-create temporary database table for missing equipment
-format spreadsheet and import to temp table

2020-12-30 – 1 hour
Adjust PM event search order
alphabetic ordering needed minor tweaking