2020-10 Gateway GCA work



2020-03-25 .5 hours
add count of number of rows to top of GCA PM events table

2020-04-03 1 hour
Add Gateway branches to revenue branch assignment
Add script to send critical emails with no serial to Billy and Jason

2020-04-09 1.5 hours
decode PM and critical emails being sent as base64 encoded

2020-04-12 1 hour
add 2 fields to rental vision

2020-04-16 .5 hour
Assist Aptitive with Aspen API

2020-04-24 1 hours
resolve email deliverability issue for GCA critical condition alerts to managers

2020-05-13 NO CHARGE
Find and create copy of original GCA alert email (from bobcat corporate) for the 750 hour service of serial #B2VY13618

2020-07-15 1.5 hours
Investigate email delivery of critical alerts
Gateway firewall was blocking

2020-07-15 2 hours
Rework weekly reports for GCA so they include all Gateway branches as well

2020-10-19 1.5 hour
investigate no new PM events being created
Change on Gateway email server is the cause of the issue

2020-10-20 => 2020-10-22 5 hours
remediate issues from lapse in emails
Stop critical alerts temporarily
import missed data

2020-10-22 1.5 hours
Add new status “contacted” to PM events
account for searching and sorting of new status