2020-03 CAS updates



2020-01-30 1 hour
Update highlighting for Blackbaud donation forms

2020-02-27 1 hour
Evaluate issues with Second Chance Resale
— editing page makes no change
locate correct pages due to theme nomenclature issues
— discussed Google Tag Manager
fix Google API key placement

2020-03-04 – 3 hours
Fix crash of nokillsc.org
— was due to incompatibility of core/theme/plugin updates
— obtained backup snapshot
— restored website files
— restored database

2020-03-26 – no charge
Look into Google Search Console warning
— determined issue:
Google arbitrarily added new search tags for online event calendars
Google’s new tags are not web standards compliant
In order to force adoption, Google issued warning
event calendar plugin should fix issue in future update
potential workaround discussed