2020-03 Acme/Gateway MIQ/GCA work



2020-03-10 – 2 hours
create MIQ menu item and page for Hours and Field Mods
Build UI to submit search criteria

2002-03-12 – 2.5 hours
create backend logic for Hours/Field Mods
optimize queries and database tables to make query run faster

2020-03-13 – 3 hours
finalize backend logic for hours/field mods
create layout for output data

2020-03-16 – 1.5 hours
configure MIQ/GCA branch selector for PM alerts

2020-03-18 – 2.5 hours
Set up Gateway branches to receive GCA Critical alerts
Add column for CC fields

2020-03-20 4 hours
Adjust GCA PM email templates
Build UI to manage branch data for PM and Critical alerts

2020-03-24 4.5 hours
track down email deliverability issue for Gateway email addresses
—Gateway uses 3rd party RBL, request removal.
Sanitize inputs on GCA branch details email fields
rebrand app from Machine IQ to Gateway Connected Advantage (GCA)
Add branches to dropdown list on single machine details page
Add events counter to PM page