2020-02 Acme MIQ Gateway Integration and Login



2020-02-25 – 4 hours
Begin building login screen
conditionally redirect to login (based on IP) for testing
make users table
make login page
2020-02-27 – 2 hours
make password reset pages
set all MIQ pages and resources to HTTPS for security
2020-02-28 – 3 hours
set user profile
make management page (for administrators/managers)
to add users/make inactive/change password
2020-03-02 – no charge
change MIQ to sort by most recent as default
remove Joe Reams from MIQ critical alert emails
2020-03-03 – 2.5 hours
fix weekly reports to incorporate Gateway stores
group Gateway and Acme MIQ lists
by default, show Gateway MIQ to Gateway user,
Acme MIQ to Acme user
Hide Gateway MIQ for all but Fairview
fix name representation for St. Louis branches
2020-03-04 – 3.5 hours
prepare automated process to update 2nd hours
on MIQ service alerts estimate current hours
and update status to ‘ready to contact’